Welcome to POEGTAP : 

The idea of 'Poegtap' is to hold on to the Christmas message of "Peace On Earth, Goodwill To All People", and explore together, in an on-line community, how this can become more of a reality in our lives and in our world, through following the way of love born at Christmas. 

Poegtap is for for people who hate religion, don't go to church, but would like to be part of building a different world.
It's a message for life, not just for Christmas.

We aim to create a Poegtap Online Community, with a 'manifesto', discussion pages, links and reference sources and more. In the meantime, please explore these pages to get an idea of what we are about and to consider whether it is something you would be interested in signing up to.

Poegtap is an initiative from the church at Blackshaw Head.

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