The coronavirus pandemic has derailed an already unstable and fragile world order.
Now the 'powers-that-be'  : big business, big government, are frantically trying to put the pieces back together and salvage from the wreckage as much as possible of the old ways, or, even worse, rebuild with added benefit to themselves, at any cost to anything and anyone except them and theirs.
But what if the old ways are the problem?

What if it was not all about money, markets and me, me, me?
What if the different perspectives on life that the pandemic has revealed to us can help us to put the pieces back in a new way, to start to build a new world order, more compassionate, more equal, more sustainable, more healthy, more gentle - in short, more human; i.e. what if we could : RE-THINK / RE-SET / RESTORE?

Change like this never comes from the top downwards; it always beings with grass-roots determination.
Dead fish float with the current; live fish swim against it.
POEGTAP is an initiative aimed at doing just that, and we hope that, with your help, this website will become its handbook.   The plan is that we kick-start some themes and then folk chip in with their own ideas, source material and experiences to help to build up a resource for a new way of living.

These are our seven themes for a joined-up approach to living a better life :

Peace on earth begins with me.
One world. One natural order. One humanity.
Earth, ecology, stewardship and responsible lifestyle.
Goodwill to all people. Always.
Teaching and training : wisdom learned and wisdom passed on.
Asylum, sanctuary and respect.
Personal well-being : body, mind and spirit.

These are the seven main principles of Poegtap.
They are very loosely framed to cover as broad a curriculum as possible, and of course there is a degree of overlap.
The Poegtap Community welcomes anyone who shares these concerns, and who is interested in exploring together how to make a difference. Please explore these pages to find out more . . .